13th April 2012


Got Time For a Quickie? →

Everyone has time for a quickie!

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8th April 2012


Six and a Half Things I've Learned About Cooking →

A short and humorous list of things I’ve learned about cooking

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7th April 2012


Looking Forward and Cleaning Up →

Follow ups on older posts and a leap forward for Joe’s Primal Scream

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30th March 2012


A Thorn No More →

On Walking Away

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29th March 2012


Standing in the Void →

Only at the edge do we really live

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27th March 2012


Now Hiring Angels →

Sometimes you need to realize it is done

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24th March 2012

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When's the last time? →

When is the last time YOU did what you wanted, instead of what you needed?

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24th March 2012

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Blue Haired Assassins →

My second time this year being hit by an elderly driver

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6th March 2012


The Book of Joe →

Don’t die with your story still unwritten

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