13th April 2012


Got Time For a Quickie? →

Everyone has time for a quickie!

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8th April 2012


Six and a Half Things I've Learned About Cooking →

A short and humorous list of things I’ve learned about cooking

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7th April 2012


Looking Forward and Cleaning Up →

Follow ups on older posts and a leap forward for Joe’s Primal Scream

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6th April 2012


Blackened Alligator Recipe →

A fast and easy recipes for a delicious exotic meal

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1st April 2012


Pork Chops with Pineapple Bacon Salsa (Primal/Paleo) →

A delicious paleo/primal/gluten free recipe with a little bit of sweetness and a little bit of kick

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29th March 2012


Primal/Paleo Mini Meat Loaves →

Mini Meatloaves with peppers, onions and mushrooms

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28th March 2012


Cranberry Baked Chicken w/ Sun Dried Tomatoes →

Paleo/Primal recipe for delicious baked chicken

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24th February 2012


Paleo Shrimp and Grits (Southern Rock Style) →

Shrimp and Grits, Paleo Friendly

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18th February 2012

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Paleo Baked Scallops →

Primal/Paleo Baked Scallop Recipe

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